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July 17, 2007



You could always add this Flickr petition to the Facebook Causes.

Michael Turton


how can we donate to Oiwan's defense?


charles liu

According to Roland HK's porn patrol is run by citizen volunteers who cared enough to represent community standars.

If Lam doesn't like it, perhaps she should volunteer or compete for a seat on the board?

Rebecca MacKinnon

Fair enough question Charles. Why don't you ask Oiwan directly.


but didn't Oiwan point out that the people on the obscene articles tribunal were overwhelmingly represented by a christian action group? I don't speak for Oiwan, by the way.

Rebecca MacKinnon

Doug I think the question refers to the point made in another thread that the OAT's domination by such groups may be due to the lack of anybody else having time or interest to volunteer.


"According to Roland HK's porn patrol is run by citizen volunteers who cared enough to represent community standars."

What kind of porn patrol is this? I hope that this porn patrol is not just limited to patroling the cyberworld.

Hong Kong has a long history of being infiltrated and ruled by triads and it would empower the people if the people of Hong Kong form a citizen's porn and indecency patrol to tackle real world indecency and close down those businesses with triad connections.

Rebecca MacKinnon

Michael, Oiwan has now set up a paypal link to help with her defense:


concerning the OAT committee members, it is a tricky situation. yes, everyone (adult) can register to sit in (except from those with criminal record). some of my friends indeed are registered in the OAT. however, if you have a regular job, usually you won't be managed to attend the week days meeting. and recently, the lawyers from the cu students case found out that the OAT somehow failed to explain how they pick up the committee members for each classification meeting. whether it is by computer random program? or by rotation? or the judge pick up the members according to his favor? we don't know. that's why they are now pursuing judicial review.

at least my friends in the OAT committee didn't get any notice that the hyperlink case is under classification.

of course the judge can say that he pick them up to avoid conflict of interest, but it can imply that all gay and lesbian groups' publication to be classified by people with religious belief, the liberal minded people have conflict of interests... or picking up old people to classify youth publication to avoid conflict of interest... etc.

Charles Liu

"Tricky", I like this word...

Whatever the excuse is, the bottom line is "community standards" in this case was determined by the community - citizen vounteers who cared enough to step up and opin.

If you rather not participate in the democratic process, then the assciated "terrany of democracy" is no one but your own.

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