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July 19, 2007



The Society For Truth And Light (Chinese: 明光社) is a Christian conservative group.

Christians huh? Do these people keep their savings in banks? Because accepting interest for money lent is a sin. The bible clearly state that we should not lend money and charge usury!

If they are really conservative Christians then they ought to reject Western banking and return all the interest earned in their savings back to the people.

I do not recall when the bible ever said that we cannot view naked photos of women, but I can surely quote from the bible that we must reject usury and lend money without charging interest.

charles liu

I doubt Lam really understands what "civil disobedience" entails.

Civil disobedience is not merely an act to "stir the pot", but requires her to suffere the consquence in order to bring the injustice into light.

Imagine Martin Luther King violating America's apartheid laws but refuse to go to jail.

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