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July 24, 2007



in regards to your rant: I was just thinking the same thing before I cam e to your rant...

and on facebook today someone, a stranger, left me a message asking if i knew any "real" design firms in Hong Kong who understood this stuff. he claimed to be shocked that after months of working to find companies who understood and wanted to use web 2.0, he had not found one! I was shocked, too, but in the end, I get it.

Hong Kong is woefully undeveloped in this area.

By the way, I am moving to San Francisco.

Jason Vu

I have a similar thought, Hongkong is something for financial services rather than web 2.0, set up funds to invest in web services is better choice.


Thanks for your advise.
Our company Blog will be release soon, so news for upcoming event will surely distribute in a more friendly format.

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