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August 03, 2007


Charles Liu

R, perhaps next time you can ask Jimbo if he will voilate US laws on National Security Letter in favor of his principles.

Jimmy Wales

Interesting question, but you could just ask me yourself, Charles. :-)

I think it is a little bit disingenuous to make a comparison between National Security Letters (arguably a bad thing, and I think they are a bad thing), and the broad censorship of Wikipedia and the BBC in Mainland China.

Would I ever break the law to protest censorship? Well, yes, of course I would. Would I draw the line in such a complex matter in the same place as other people? Surely not, and I think we can all respect people who obey bad laws up to a certain point.

I caught a bit of a tone in your question, and I apologize if I misunderstood, that my opposition to censorship in China is somehow hypocritical if I would choose to obey a bad law in the United States. I don't think that follows logically at all.

Drima @ The Sudanese Thinker

I've been reading a lot of articles lately suggesting that new competition arriving on the scene against Google will leverage the fact that Google ignored its own motto "Do No Evil" and in fact did do evil.

It's already happening.

Hello Jimmy Wales. Looking forward to Wikia's growth. The open-source model will indeed be interesting to watch in the long term run.

Chinese Internet User

In China, no matter who you are, be it the president of the United States, a common foreigner, or an incorporated person (company), you MUST obey the Chinese laws, if you don't, Go BACK to the US and keep whining about your "moral superiority" to yourself, because neither do the Chinese people think Jimbo Wales deserves the title of "moral superiority" nor have most of them ever heard of such a person and his d*umbas*s wekipidia whose Chinese contents are full of simple grammatical mistakes. Chinese have their own Chinese Wekipedias, they don't need your Americanized wekipedia with a typical American world view.

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