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August 05, 2007


Charles Liu

Oh pleeze, illegal assembly is not free speech even in America.

Activists in Oregon who's effort to halt old tree's destruction are often hauled away in the same way.


Oiwan may be interested in this link which shows topless and nude models on China Daily. Nipple is showing (not blurred out in some of the photos). Oh yah, I like it :)



You've got quite a chip there, Charles Liu. The article, if you bother to read it rather than just responding with knee-jerk comments, discusses the "anomalous surge of civic activism" in Hong Kong in contrast to the consultations that the government usually employs to gauge public opinion. The mention of the illegal assembly and the resulting police action is included merely to demonstrate the extent of the protests, not to condemn police brutality.

Just like the activists in Oregon, who know full well that they'll be arrested, but who also realize that the arrests raise public awareness.

Charles Liu

Please, you guys are pumping this story only because some HKer are pandering to our anti-China agenda.

Here's what Sun-Bin wrote about why the students aren't getting the support for the tear-down protest in HK:


I guess you won't mention the fact Queen's Peer tear-down started during the British rule.

I don't see you reporting the flip side of any "bad news". When SB posted "bad news" like is exaggerated GFW claim, you jumped all over that.

Again, to me is illustrates new/citizen media's lack of objectivity and responsibility.

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