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August 06, 2007


Charles Liu

At least Yahoo has to answer to legal request by the Chinese government.

We just passed law that are more draconian than the Chinese, under the flag of "terrorism":


"US intelligence agencies will no longer need a warrant to eavesdrop on US citizens' international phone calls and emails after George Bush signed a temporary surveillance bill yesterday."

As to the Blackstone "book loss" the Chinese government had, again when compared to our own American-sized 2 billion a week Iraq fiasco, is chump change.


Its not just blackstone.

China is holding so much US dollar reserve and we all know US dollar is on a downward trend in the long run.

So aren't they also fools here?

You know, about 6 years ago, in Malaysia we decided our national oil company would start denominating our contracts in Euro instead of the dollar. It was a wise move.

Charles Liu

MF, China's economic servitude towards America is something we Americans have taken for granted.

And our politicians are about to bite the hand that's been holding us up.

Think about it - who else will work their hands to the bones to sell us stuff cheap (which we don't have to buy, that blame falls on our WASP homeboy CEO's)

Then they turn around buy our technically worthless bond, so we can keep squandering it away in war and conflict?

The central responsibility lies with American policymakers to cut the budget deficit and decrease oil imports, be instead we blame China, blame the RMB.


No doubt I agree. This is why I had always advocated a trade war between China and the US. I think a trade war would be beneficial to China. By selling so much stuff to the US, what does China expect to buy back from the US? Virtually anything that China wants to buy from the US is subject to export controls.

For starters, Chinese companies doing foreign business MUST start denominating their contracts in Yuan. Yuan will rise against the dollar so by denominating it in yuan, its good insurance. Otherwise, they may be making losses as the dollar drops.


Here's another related news. Guess who's currency is being diluted in the process.

Fed Pumps Another $38B Into US Financial System Friday to Stem Credit Turmoil


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