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September 11, 2007


Charles Liu

And we wonder why we have a trade gap with China? It's corporate irresponsibility to sell China cameras London and Paris already have, but it's okay for Chevron and BP to take the Iraqi's oil after our military dropped DU dirty bombs on them.

Oh yeah, we even made up a "Kurstan" government to sign whatever Iraq oil concession we wanted:


Somebody sue the oil companies doing business with our ruthless regime, please.


Excellent post; I wish more people would at least attempt to EXPLAIN the complexity we call China, instead of simply repeating their dreary opinions.


nice post! i couldn't stop laughing when i see the crab wearing three watches. very nice explaination to those who don;t understand chinese.


The opinion of the flip side as usual....

I think this sweep of "new purge of internet data centers, shutting down thousands of websites" ought to be put in its proper context.

My understanding from reading the news is that, China, as the world's largest democracy, is currently in the midst of an election. See:


which shows voters exercising their rights as Chinese citizens to vote.

It is not uncommon in some countries to issue internet "gag" orders during election periods.

This is justified by them because postings of a malicious nature could severely in the short term jeopardize a candidate's chance of winning an election. Even if the candidate would later sue for defamation, or the truth would later be revealed, it may be too late to save the election.

Of course, this does not mean that campaigning over the internet is banned, just the discussion forums /blogs are banned. Candidates running can still use their websites for campaigning purposes. The gag order serves to protect all candidates seeking office.

This is in contrast to say the media gag order recently on NameWee's Negarakuku that bans any reporting on the incident to calm down angst among certain groups.

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negarakuku

"On August 21, 2007 the Internal Security Ministry issued a gag order on all mainstream media to cease reporting on Wee."

So as long as the purge is just temporary and during an election period, I think there would be a substantial majority of people who would believe it is justified as a temporary measure to protect China's democracy. This is especially so given the grassroot nature of China's democracy, producing literally tens of thousands of candidates running for offices.

Rebecca MacKinnon

MF you never cease to crack me up.


Fantastic post! Please keep posting on emerging online language and image mash-ups. These are SO important.




@mahathir_fan. And here I was thinking the proper context was having a solitary authoritarian party cracking down on dissidents as usual.

Thank you for showing me the light though.. a party of the people, by the people.. ROFL.


Just like to point out that the crab in your first photo is actually a salt water ocean-dwelling crab, not a river crab (He Xie).

Good post, Chinese internet lingos never cease to impress me.


Watching your words has a long history in China. Back in the Ming Dynasty, you had to be exceptionally careful what words you used in memos to the Emperor lest you offended him and ended up in "Word Jail" (文字獄). He also had people publicly flogged or even put to death for using certain characters, or even homonyms of certain characters, which he deemed to be veiled mockery of his imperial highness.

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