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September 25, 2007



Is there really open debate when it came to politics?

The author makes it sound like Wen or Hu is some kind of dictator who can at will make overnight changes in China.

Let's remember that China is a DEMOCRACY. And unlike some countries where they are democratic on only Election Day, where they elect a dictator to serve for the next 4 years, China is truly a democracy - Hu Jin Tao can be recalled by the Legislative body at ANY TIME. There is no need to prove any wrongdoing. The constitution clearly state this:

Article 63. The National People's Congress has the power to recall or remove from office the following persons:

(1) The President and the Vice-President of the People's Republic of China;

(2) The Premier, Vice-Premiers, State Councillors, Ministers in charge of Ministries or Commissions and the Auditor-General and the Secretary-General of the State Council;

Unlike in some countries where you have to prove the President's wrongdoing, in China, the President can be remove at any time at the sheer pleasure of the Legislative body without any need to justify his removal.

Therefore the President of China is very careful in making sure that his actions conforms to the desire of the majority members of the National People Congress.

George W. Bush can make policy mistakes and nobody can remove him from office until he finishes his term. But if Hu Jin Tao makes a policy mistake, he can be removed from office tomorrow.

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