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September 16, 2007



"But so far, I haven't seen any Western media coverage of his case either..."

Naturally. We're all just one, big, happy, homogenised, harmonius family now. No reason to rock the boat, that would be 'Cold War Reactionism', wouldn't it?

At least while some people still think they can make money here, anyway.


Appriciate your concern to freedom of speech in China, its a very noble thing to do. I used to want to be a Journalist, But its a tough and lonesome road to fight for freedom in China. I think China will change to a democratic republic in 30 or 50 years. We will rise up and make history someday.


I don't agree that it will take several decades for democracy in China.

Many people are moving and in action. The key is that more people can know and support them. In today's world, Internet could be the new engine of the social movement instead of parade and other radical behavior causing big social cost. The key is how we use it with law and other offline activities.

So I fully agree the law action of Mr. Liu Xiao Yuan. And I appeal any one saw this can support his lawsuit and my one against China Telecom. You can get more details on my blog,


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