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October 19, 2007



I wonder, your posting stated that one blogger had theorized that China Telecom or Netcom is involved in this DNS hijacking. Can bloggers just go theorizing like this without fear of being sued in China?

For one, it would be extremely unfair if they were innocent.

Also, the animation screenshot is not very convincing. Can you post a real video? The animation screen shot look like something that can be animated intentionanly. Would be better to carry a video into an internet cafe, and show that every computer accessed in the cafe has this DNS hijacking symtom.

I hope China Telecom or Netcom will get their lawyers together to sue this accusing blogger.

Then the blogger will be able to show his evidence in the court of law.


Youtube is definitely blocked, while Blogspot is enjoying one of its brief windows of availability. But Bullog has now disappeared! I hope this last one is just a temporary technical glitch.


Yes, youtube is now blocked in the PRC. When it might return is anybody's guess. Blockage of this site and others switch on and off for reasons that are unclear, but we can speculate that it has to do with 'unacceptable' content or the timing with the recent 17th party congress. I think that this might simply be done to minimize the use of the internet into nothing more than watching movies, getting musicfiles, and chatting.


Yeap, youtube is out, and also flicker sometimes. Blogger now seems to be on... is so funny surfing in China... you never know how the wind and the waves will be that day, or if they will be sharks roaming around,mmm... I miss it when I travel abroad, that dull outside internet world... always sure you can surf without problems.

It is interesting that according to my research, everytime there is something happening in China that means many foreign media here Blogspot becomes usable for that period of time... mere coincidence?


I have been having a LOT of problems with foreign sites since about a week before the Congress opened, and I don't know if it means anything or not. A lot of what I've been experiencing hasn't been typical GFW trademarks; I'll have sites that are just unusably slow for no reason that I can see. Also, supporting the "GFW upgrade" theory, it seems that ONLY the most recent post in Richard Spencer's blog ("Congress is Potempkin Politics") is blocked, something you don't see too often.


This is so sad.

I use youtube a lot to provide evidence to support my points.

For example, I use youtube to prove that nobody died on Tiananmen Square on June 4th, 1989.

See minute 5:50:

Also, I have recently used youtube to prove that Jesus Christ is nothing but a Sun God. It is a fake religion.


A lot of Chinese may not understand the second clip. I recommend downloading the English subtitle file and using a tool like babelfish to translate it to Chinese.

Please China, remove censorship of youtube so that Chinese society can move into the age of scientific era and throw away our superstituous beliefs.

Mao was right about religion and its time the truth gets out. Unblock youtube! We do not have to be afraid of the truth because we are the Truth!


This isn't new -- it was happening to me occasionally when I was in Dalian this summer. Maybe once every three days or so I'd get Baidu's home page when I tried to go to google.com. Slightly annoying but not really difficult to get around with a bit of technical proficiency.


Wikipedia is blocked, too.
The country has their reasons to block western websites...

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