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October 12, 2007



perhaps the other side of censorship. sina puts together a high gloss emagazine for the party congress.


It is very sad to see such prevalent censorship.

The internet itself already has a built in censorship mechanism - you first need to learn how to use to computer before you can use it.

Critical thinking should be encouraged and censorship would only discourage such.

Glad to see people like him take the constitution seriously. I too take the constitution seriously which is why I always say that "China is the world's largest democracy". It really is, if you read its constitution and take it seriously.

I wish him all the best in his undertakings to right what is wrong.


Really hope that more and more people can take up the law as their weapon to defend freedom of speech in China.


Thanks for an informative article and featuring Mr. Liu Xiaoyuan. People like Mr. Liu needs to be encouraged and supported.

You may have already blogged about this but here is my entry referencing the recent report on China's censorship published by Reporters Without Borders,


Mr Liu's effort deserves the support from everyone. And he don't need to do too much. Just take the constitution seriously.

I also think a coordinated action should be much helpful to his lawsuit, e.g., regular internet voiting. If you are interested in such behavior and able to read Chinese, simply join the google group, http://groups.google.com/group/cuihua.

Censorship China

The Chinese have developed complex methods to censor. Its somewhat of a shame this has happened. Web 2.0 has failed to promote more free speech.

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