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November 06, 2007



I too agree that Sharism is very similar to Communism.

The capitalists are the anology of those who do not wish to share. It is the same arguments put forth to counter communism. Without a profit motive, what incentive is there for capitalists to set up new ventures? If everybody is sharing files, what incentive is there for those to make new products?

Sharism is of course not Communism but there is a link between them.

Steve Ballinger

Amnesty's at the Internet Governance Forum in Rio at the moment and one thing we've noticed is the lack of a civil society presence to raise issues like freedom of expression, privacy, access etc.

We're also keen to see whether Yahoo! dares show its face this year!

Nick Dearden's blogging from the event in his 'irrepressible'blog at www.amnesty.org.uk/blogs

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