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November 14, 2007


Chalres Liu

I hope someone will help the Chi Mak family to file a lawsuit against AT&T, who helped the US goernment to tap Mak's home phone.

Maybe someone with big enough ax will grow a conscience and get Mother Mak a front-row seat at a congressional hearing and drag the head of AT&T out for a good-old Cultural Revolution style political self criticism.

Okay, maybe not.


I agree there's a global threat, but what would a "global corporate code of conduct and global solutions" look like?

Shouldn't we let individual nations determine their own rules? It seems any such body would be just another leviathan along the lines of the WTO. All that would do is place accesibility beyond the reach of individual citizens, threaten democracy and make it even easier for multi-nationals to exert influence everywhere.

I'm skeptical...


Stupid Article. An aritcle wriiten by a person who think Western is damm "GOD". This kind of person only think that what ever western do is right and what ever China do is wrong. Look back and see what US did in the history and what they are doing now in Iraq, how many human beings did they kill and then talk about "human rights". Why don't they sue US Gov and US people who elected this gov.

Free Speech only valid when you speak right adn FAIR thing.

Look at this comment "That's why we need to have a much bigger discussion about how to engage economically and politically with China". What a stupid comment. WHo do you think you are. Why should we care about your engagement. If I, as a stranger, Knock you home door and say, hey, I want to teach you how to fuck your wife like a human. What will you react. Stupid.

Rebecca MacKinnon

"Who," please do not use obscenities in my comments section again. I don't welcome people coming into my home and shouting obscenities, nor do I welcome obscene language on this blog.

Also if you have read any of my recent posts about this issue you will know that I am very critical of the U.S. government's recent behavior. I do not think the West is god and I have been very critical of people who act that way. The fact that you assume I am the enemy without paying attention to what I have really been saying is also part of the problem.

Rebecca MacKinnon

Clarke, actually the point is to have a global code of conduct that does not involve governments, and which actively engages civil society. The one that is being worked on heavily involves human rights groups, free speech NGO's, and socially responsible investor groups. It is modeled along the lines of industry codes of conduct on environmental and labor issues.


So this was in the end all about MONEY!

SHAME! If I were Shi Tao, I would not have settled the case. I would have brought it to court to make a point.

What this prove is that in the end, it was all about squeezing money from a corporation. Not about principles.

Richard Drysdall

"I hope Yahoo! and all Internet companies have learned something from this..."
I know what they've learnt: They can make money by compromising their ethics, and they can avoid the repercussions of doing so by spending money.

Chalres Liu

They also learned no matter which way things go, they'll have to suffer the same Cultural-Revolution style political self-criticism.

If not in China, then, in US Congress like Jerry Yang did.

Yahoo compromised ethics? No more so than AT&T at the demands of US government.

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