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January 02, 2008



Rebecca, I'm glad you made it to Siem Reap, Cambodia. I'm pretty sure you've had a good time in the town.

I thought Banteay Srei temple (Citadel of Women) should have been your favorite one, not The Bayon.
I do really enjoy your travel photo on Flickr.

David's trip to Cambodia last year was too short for him to get there.


Beautiful pictures - makes me miss Asia all the more.


"According to Wikitravel's Luang Prabang page, the problem got so bad that the senior monks threatened to stop the morning procession altogether. They relented when the government threatened to continue the procession using laypeople dressed as monks if the monks refused to go along."

This sounds absurd, not to mention that it disparages the local population by insinuating that they would offend the tenents of their faith by going along with the gov't. I've traveled throughout Southeast Asia and written extensively about it and without proper sourcing this sounds misleading at best.

Do you have any other souces apart from Wikitravel? And what are their sources? Where is their attribution for this claim?

Suggestions like these are designed to disparage a brutal gov't, but in fact end up belittling the local populace. The Lao gov't doesn't need any help - the truth is enough.

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