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February 11, 2008


Charles Liu

Isn't HK's descency board run by citizen volunteers, in order to represent "community standards"?

Sounds like instead of protesting, people should sign up and volunteer their time, instead allowing the right wing HK Christians to decide what "community standard" really is.


"After the democracy-snubbing arrogance of the Bush years, the last thing Democrats should be doing is wavering on our democratic principles on these issues. No super-power granted to superdelegates. And no backroom fudging on Florida and Michigan."

I cannot believe that this author even have the nerve to bring this up under the banner of democracy.

First of all, if you really live in a free democracy, states are not supposed to organize primaries for your political party. All political parties are private entities. They need to hold their own little elections to decide amongst their own members who to represent them at their elections - not through some state government organized elections.

When states hold such primaries on behalf of the Republicans or the Democrats, they effectively divided the market share of the voters to just these 2 parties.

Does Hong Kong government help the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong(DAB) party hold Hong Kong wide elections in Hong kong to elect leaders for key position in DAB? Does the Hong Kong government help the League for Social Democrats hold Hong Kong wide elections in public schools, public libraries to elect people to key position in the party?

No and No. There is absolutely no reason for US State governments to involve themselves in election primaries for both Republican and Democrat parties. It should be constitutional illegal. There is no legal justification for this behavior.

Charles Liu

And I learned while we diss the Chinese with stuff like "party cadre" - guess what a "super deligate" is?

That's right, party cadre.

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