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March 21, 2008


Charles Liu

First it's Shi Tao, who was subject of national security investigation, now you are siding with rioters who, like those Watts rioters, burn/looted shops and stoned innocent citizens rodney king style.

Just read off a link in roland's article, a little girl was stoned to death.

And these people's warrent, lawfully issued under China's legal system, should not be displayed in Yahoo and MSN?

May I remind you wanted photo relating to on-going criminal investigation makes it onto Yahoo and MSN stateside all the time.


The only viable way to end this ongoing conflict is through mix marriages between Han and Tibetans.
We should fight such hatred with love.

Charles Liu

Instead of holding criminals responsible, western media is spinning the Watts-like Tibet riot into a 200 vote referandum on a billion people's sovereignty and statehood:


You know, even the PRC agiprop radio in the 60's that commented on Watts did not mention the fact America's stathood was built on stolen land.


This clip does not surprise me at all. Being a veteran of Western media's blacklist, as a fan of Dr. mahatir, I have seen such Western media distortion for a long time.


Roll back the clock 18 years, and what we see today in Tibet's reporting is the same type that happened to Dr. Mahathir and Lee Kuan Yew.

The Western media would most of the time give an apparent picture of fair reporting. But when a crisis hits that could potentially displace a leader, they suddently take sides and report only 1 side of the story.

This youtube clip is also a testament why China should not censor the internet. The only way we can arm ourselves against Western hegemony is by exposing their propaganda machine and to do it requires everyone to come to aid. If the internet is censored, we would be like soldiers without arms.

p/s I subsribed to Newsweek and Time and the Economists magazine from 1989 to 1994. Since 1994, I have cancelled my subscriptions to all Western news magazines and have never read any one of them from page 1 to the end. By 1998, at the height of the Asian financial crisis and the Malaysia "Reformasi" movement, I have totally weened off them.


If Chinese people are angered by such reporting by the Western media, I have an advise:

The next phase of this war is to ween China off the financial system that has been created in the West.

There are signs that that financial system is about to crack.

China if possible needs to create a new financial system to replace the current system and there are many willing participants.

Dr. Mahathir tried to do it but our country lacks the human capital. Please read about his Gold Dinar proposal.

Another good book is Soros's Alchemy of Finance.

A humanitarian soul

Yes! I see the animal inside Charles Liu. Also he has someday to know people treated like human; act like human! I feel sorry for him. He don’t know better.

Henry Hail

The ethical problem with showing these "most wanted" pictures is that the "most wanted" may very well just be scapegoats, and guilty of no more than vandalism, if that. If they are arrested, they may face torture or even death. The violent crimes of a few do not justify condemning all protesters/rioters involved.

The "most wanted" pictures are clearly meant to intimidate any would-be protesters, letting them know that simply being caught on video could lead to arrest and its possibly horrific consequences.

Henry Hail

Regarding intermarriage between Han and Tibetans: some have suggested that encouraging intermarriage is the policy of the Chinese government, as a way to speed assimilation. More and more Han are moving to Lhasa. In such a situation, intermarriage may be an important component in weakening ethnic solidarity among Tibetans and making them into minorities in their own homeland.


US HQ of MSN and Yahoo need to get a handle on their Chinese subsidiaries - maybe some training in ethics would help out?

I quit using these services last year when I got fed up with their kowtowing to Beijing. Now I use Clusty.com because they specifically promise not to do the business of the CCP.

If they are going to list wanted criminals why don't they put Wen Jiabao's mug shot on their front page?

Charles Liu

"may very well just be scapegoats, and guilty of no more than vandalism, if that"

They killed people, there are plenty of Youtube clips to prove it. Read Roland Soong's article Rebecca linked to.

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