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March 23, 2008


Charles Liu

Right, just like Yahoo's "is not" - Pain "was/is not" on GV board? Irony abound.

No wonder you guys weren't blogging about OSI bank rolling Burma's little uprise.

So, this is what's underneath the facade of "new media" - same old NGO/GO money and agenda?

New media, old media, does it even matter? China can't win.


the only "echo" around here comes from Chuck Liu spouting Chinese Communist party doublespeak and platitudes...

Rebecca MacKinnon

Yeah clarke you're right. He sees everything as an anti-China conspiracy and isn't interested in any other possibilities. He can't get his head around the idea that some Westerners can be critical of the Chinese government's actions (AND other governments including the U.S.) but not be racist or "anti-China": in other words, that it's possible to wish the Chinese people well and to hope they'll achieve all the success that they deserve in the global economy without having one's tongue up the Chinese government's anal orifice at all times.

Charles Liu

Please take a look at your Tibet coverage so far. Have you given the victims of Tibet rioters a fair shake?

Pople that were beaten/stoned to death. What about their human rights?

You had one link to Roland's blog, and one reluctant "balanced" retort to prove you "are not siding with the rioters".

The right hates China, the left hates China... the result is these false image and twist of fact only contribute toward America's anti-Chinese hysteria.

You bet I'm gonna take it personal.

It's ironic that while y'all are obviousely connected, you are accusing me of having something to do with the Chinese government. Let's see some Google result, or is that just something from your "anal orifice"?

Rebecca MacKinnon

Charles no doubt your anger is genuine. Why don't you start your own blog so that you can make your case more completely and to a larger audience? I'm sure it would develop quite a large following if indeed there are many others who share your feelings and views.


"Charles no doubt your anger is genuine"

You really think so? My hunch is that the Charles and Mahathir Fan double act here is the start of a Borat-style spoof (no doubt funded by George Soros) intended to discredit the Chinese diaspora. I've met some strange, paranoid, self-pitying Chinese nationalists in my time, but nothing to match these two. They can't be real...


sorry you got it all wrong. Charles is against China-haters. I am on the same "side" of China-haters. You can think of me as a Western-hater, because I do not think China-haters are misinformed. Charles would think that with the right information there would be less China-haters. I welcome that potential reality but I will reserve judgement after the fact.

For example, Charles would probably be against an Olympic boycott. Whereas, I am all for an Olympic boycott. Charles would probably want the Western media to correct themselves and report news fairly. I on the other hand am enjoying all the Western media's mistakes and hope that they will keep making those mistakes to anger the Chinese.

Your little mind may have a hard time discerning the 2 because we bring up similar points, but our final agenda are quite completely the opposite.


"Your little mind may have a hard time discerning the 2 because we bring up similar points, but our final agenda are quite completely the opposite."

Your individual intentions are irrelevant. What matters is that both of you give the impression that the Chinese diaspora is made up of hysterical paranoid inadequates seeing conspiracy in every corner. The reality is very different.

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