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March 05, 2008



"I personally feel that it would be better to makeover the Games to look like the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, so that the reactionary, corrupt, and decadent Capitalist countries would voluntarily withdraw; even the Soviet Union could be excluded."

So how does he suppose we can make the Olympics like the one in Moscow or for that matter the one in Los Angeles? China can't just suddenly send invitation to countries to boycott, it requires countries invited to voluntarily boycott.


I responded on this original blog at:

His ideas are good, but my concerns I think are more practical:


你的意见是很好的意见. 如过他门自动退出, 我门一定能那多金牌!!

问题还是, 要这么样使别国家自动退出而且能是别人看为我门是好人而他门是坏人?

更让我开高兴的是如果他门自动腿出, 人民可以使用这件事作为借口 - 着就是 东-西 大战 的开时.是他门开时的. 我门的目标就能达成了!!!"

I also have the same feelings (that we should make the Olympics like the 1980 Olympics in Moscow). but how do we make other countries boycott our Olympics?

Your idea is great. If they boycott, we will for sure grab all the gold medals!!!

Problem is still, how can we make these countries boycott our Games, yet on the surface we look like the good guys and they the bad guys?

What makes me more happy about this boycott is that our People can use this boycott as an excuse - the Great East-West War has begun, and they started it. Our goals(of seeing a war between China and the West) would then be achieved!!!

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