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March 16, 2008


Bronte Baxter

I think it's great that everybody's talking here, both sides airing their viewpoints. I'm American and started out blogging about how great the Free Tibet movement is. Then I found a website that shows considerable evidence for the other side of the story that we don't hear from our media. The Chinese are told one version of "truth" by their media while the West is told another version by their own. Should citizens from either side of the world really put all that much stock in what we're told on TV? I'd rather hear from the people of Tibet and China, in discussions like this one, than hear all the rhetoric from our world leaders. For me, bottom line comes out to be: every people should have the right to determine their own form of government. If the Tibetans want Communism, they should have it. If they want theocracy, they should have it. If they want democracy or even anarchy, they should have it. Right now, it looks to me like they want China out of there. Is this true, Tibetans? Or are most of you grateful that Communism freed you from the Theocracy? All I'm seeing and hearing on the news and here on the Net is Tibetans rising up for independence, and if that's what they want, it's their right to have it, despite the fact that I personally think a return to serfdom and Communism would suck. It's not my choice, though, nor is it a choice for the Chinese to make or the Dalai Lama. The Tibetan people should organize a vote and unanimously decide. Then the rest of the world should respect their decision. P.S. The people here who say Americans have no right to criticize the Chinese when we have invaded and tyrannized Iraq are absolutely right. Whether it's Communists doing it or Capitalists, forcing yourself into another country is plain wrong. I believe the people of every culture today are pretty much controlled by their governments. It sure was not the majority of Americans who wanted to invade Iraq, but did our government care what we thought? Governments run themselves, and they run the people. It should be the other way around. These days it looks to me like anarchy, or small groups of people governing themselves and developing a sustainable economy together, is the best form of government any people could have. The more libertarian we can be, the freer I think we'll be, and we all should boycott our governments when they violate human rights. No one can be free when they're being bossed around by big government, be it Communist, Capitalist or any other.

Bronte Baxter


As an ethnic Chinese I like to state that I am pro a Tibet which is free from cultural dominance. It is every civilizations right to exist and continue to exist as the people wish...

However I what frustrates me personally is the hypocrisy of the Western media in calling the Chinese government evil.

The Western world and its position as the dominant world power is founded on the destruction and assimilation of indigenous lands in which it has invaded.

The United States (American Indians)
Australia (Aborigines)
New Zealand (Maoris)

The list goes on these people like the Tibetans are victims of a more aggressive culture; the only difference is that the West was able to do its 'dirty work' more quickly and efficiently.


Wow, the brain-washed Chinese like me came to U.S. to learn that there are so many brain-washed American people only learn the filtered truth from books or even worse, from media. How ironic!

There is so much change in China now a days, and most American people still look at China as a so-called communist country 30 years ago. While the Chinese people are learning Western wisdom, and use the Western wisdom to look back at the American people, we are so sympathy for your ignorance, arrogance, and bias. Yes, the Chinese people are learning from American people. But why American people don't have the gut to learn from Chinese wisdom, to visit China? Chinese people are still under some sort of government control, so you don't think you are under U.S. government rule or what? And if so why Obama asks for a change? Wake up people, as human beings, we are the same. If you think you are superior in terms of moral level or intelligence, think twice.


Hi im know this has nothing to do with the blog above but i have a project on tibet and i cant find any non bias soruces can sombody please help me? I was wondering what was the main reason or overral reason for the dispute in tibet.


Anyone who hasn't made it to Tibet will find my travelogue and book of dialogues with Tibetans informative. I believe it is even for tibetologists. And interesting for both Chinese and non-Chinese travellers.

Dialogues Tibetan Dialogues Han contains conversations with some of the hundreds of Tibetans in Tibet I've chatted with.

Dialogues Tibetan Dialogues Han


Could you remove that picture that doesn't belong to me but somehow posted next to my comment? Any idea what happened? Thanks.


So when the US and its allies get out of Iraq, perhaps those of us Westerners who would like to see China out of Tibet will have the moral right to speak.

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