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March 16, 2008




The authorities, out of FRUSTRATION, are blaming the totally innocent Dalai Lama.

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Wait for a few more months - THIS REVOLT'S GONNA SPREAD LIKE WILDFIRE.


Despite the internet making it easier than ever to explore alternative points of view, I find there is little interest in meaningful dialogue on contentious subjects such as Tibet or Iraq. Like everyone else I come to the debate with the confident conviction that my views and my interpretation of the 'facts' are correct and that others are blinkered and biased.
Even asking the question of whether discussion is possible is to question the orthodox views held with such strong conviction by many.

Tom - Daai Tou Laam

Even asking the question of whether discussion is possible is to question the orthodox views held with such strong conviction by many.
Posted by: michael

The question is really how can you have a discussion under strict censorship. Perhaps a "guided conversation", but there is no way to have a two way discussion.

Evolution, as Rebecca and Roland are pimping as their latest meme for the China internet, merely rewards those best suited for the environment. If the environment is artificially managed, then the evolution will only produce life best suited for the artificially managed environment. In this case life that is best suited to wave the red flag at appropriate times and avoid having your fingers zapped for crossing the party line.

The banality of evil is hardly a new concept. It's not that hard to mould people to accept censorship as a norm. It's not that hard to mould people to accept the lethal use of state force against your fellow citizens. And provide a little fortune or fame for folks and most of 'em are quite willing to toss out their principles and previous beliefs in order to protect their new fortune and fame.

Dara Shiko

@ Charles Liu

Obviously you believe the Chinese Govt lies that the Dalai Lama orchestrated the violence. Open your eyes and smell the tea. Don't believe all the propoganda lies of your govt. The 'riots' are a popular expression of disgust with Han chauvinistic practices of supressing Tibet's culture with an iron fist. If you say Serfdom for Tibet then how come you villify the Japanese for invading China in the 1930's? Surely China had serfdom and was backward and superstitious then and the Japanese were perfectly right to "bring civilisation to the stupid backward Chinese."

Charles Liu

Dara, I am an American.

You obviousley didn't read what I wrote, else you would'be realized that.

Why is dialog not possible? R, I rest my case.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

@Dara Shiko:
Japan could not have brought civilization to the Chinese. If you know anything about history, which I doubt you do, you would know that the Japanese language and culture is "borrowed" (intellectually property violation, maybe?) from Chinese language and culture.

@the Westerners
Obviously, there are many in the West(including Japan) who wish to use Tibet as a distraction from their own human rights violations. There are many ways that China could improve its treatment of its minorities, but mudslinging China is not going to help.

Western crimes:
*The United States' genocide of the American Indian population (currently, they are 1% of the total population in the U.S.)
*The United States' discrimination of ethnic minorities
*Australia's treatment of its indigenous peoples.
*European Powers' conquest of Africa, resulting in the creation of nations by drawing them on maps.
*Let's not forget the Atlantic Slave Trade
*Biggest arms exporters: #1 USA, #2 Russia, #3 France, #4 & #5 UK & Germany
*Who carved up China? Oh yeah, it was the West who wanted an "Open door", I wonder why they hate us?
*British invasion of Tibet in the early 20th century.

Charles Liu

Hey R, check this out:


Peaceful demonstration by Tibetean students in Beijing. Police faciliated the peaceful protest (like we do in US.)

Look Ma, no protester went ape sh!t and no police action.

clarence chen

@Dara Shiko

If you really believe these are random acts of violence spilled over from peaceful demonstrations, then the timing of these events are very interesting, aren't they? Months before the Olympics, and weeks before the torch relay.

You got to ask yourself who has more to gain from things getting out of hand, the Dalai goons or the Chinese government...

Serfdom for Tibet!

sliggy b.

The attempt to promote discussion is laudable. But China's occupation of Tibet is no different than the US occupation of Iraq. So when the US and its allies get out of Iraq, perhaps those of us Westerners who would like to see China out of Tibet will have the moral right to speak. Until then we ought to shut up or at least begin to connect the dots and get out on the streets and demand an end to the egregious actions of our governments, which are no different from those of the Chinese government.


@ Dara Shiko:

You should get your facts straight before dismissing others for "believing lies".

Weather or not China "surely had serfdom" in the 1930s is quite debatable, given the Republic of China had been founded in 1911.

Also it's not at all clear to me what kinds of "civilization" the Japanese invasion has brought to China. Could you provide some example of either political, social or economical improvements the Japanese have achieved -- or at least attempted -- during their occupation?

Just for the record, in case you think I'm just another brainwashed Communist zombie: I've been living in Western Europe longer than I've lived in China, and Xinhua news releases -- or other "official" news base on those releases -- constitute less than one percent of the news I read about China.

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