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March 10, 2008



The need for the Chinese government to resort to censorship indicates an abject failure of the Chinese education and its culture.

While the West enjoyed its age of enlightenment in the 18th century, China has yet to have this. The closest was the cultural revolution but that turned into a mess.

The internet should not be censored. I can testify that before the internet days, I was more misled by foreign propaganda. I used to believe for example that 2000 students died at Tiananmen. But thanks to the internet, and my acute sense of critical thinking, I uncovered the truth. I even produced a video:


I believe that there are many people in the Chinese government, including perhaps Hu Jin Tao who supports this very same view. That the need to impose censorship is generated by some lower ranking behind times bureaucrat.

By the way, I hope to continue producing videos like these. I think it is getting on average 10 views per day and I can reach out to more people with videos instead of comments. I will continue to debunk popular Western propaganda, religious beliefs, promote justice, and understanding and critical thinking and free up the minds.

(Btw, my next video will be on why South Koreans need just as much help as North Koreans and are just about as brainwashed).


No wonder that other sites, as well, are experiencing video problems too. Tudou, youku and pptv.com's videos are simply not available for viewing.

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