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April 17, 2008



Wow. I didn't know you were sick. I wish you well. Hope you get well soon.

GZ Expat

Take care of yourself...I'll look forward to what you have to say when all is well.

All the best...

Stephanie Willerton

Always enjoy reading your blog and wish you a speedy recovery.


Take care of yourself! I'm sure I speak for lots of people when I say I'll miss your great coverage of Chinese news and your always insightful opinions while you're gone.



Get well soon. Look forward to reading your blog when you are better and ready to write again.

Take care.


Get well soon! Don't let this nasty HK weather make things worse.

John Rambo

Hi CCtV,

I watch CCTV all the time. Each times makes me and Dozens of my friends laugh a lot.

Watching your channel makes us feel like we live in a Shangri la. Where every news is a good news in this crazy and hateful world. If you are right on your issue where nobody has a complaint to the government then I think only two things are possible practically. Either all the Chinese are Robbots or they are suppressed deeply and superficially showing happiness.

Common ! wake up. Show us the real thing, man. Don't act like cctv or Communist China Telivision.
By the way, your coverage on the peaceful Tibetan protest was one sided. You should start from march 10 where many innocents monks were beaten mercilessly, which ignites the fire of march 14 protest. The simple Tibetan people protest not because of the occupation but because of 60 years of Bruttal occupations.
I sallute the Chinese nationalism, but be careful.
Too much nationalism stops you guys to look to the truth. The pride in youself can burn all one day. May the earthquake strike the olympic in August. There is already a sign. The flame ceremony at Greece was a very bad sign. Nothing like this has happened in the torch relay in the world. By putting the powder in a face does not makes one fair. The Tibetan struggle will last forever and ever.
What is the use of millions of eyes, if you can see the truth ?
Fffreeee TTTibbbetttttt.......

Bruce A. McHenry

Hi Rebecca,
I am sure that you will be feeling a lot better by the middle of May. I'm still looking for the imperfect wife. You're on the short list and may be #2. Hope to see you well, and soon.


Take care Rebecca and get well soon.

No we can't win it all but we can at least follow what we enjoy. Who are 'the people' anyway.



Watched your comments on Australian ABC Foreign Correspondent this evening - and found the story fascinating.

I will use this story in my classroom to discuss social & ethical issues with my high school IT students.

Thank you for the insight & hope you return to health soon.

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