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June 25, 2008



With the availability of proxy servers, censorship in China is no longer an issue for Truth Seekers.

It is however, still an issue for Propagandists.

The dangers of the internet I see in the future are people who instead of laying out all the evidence and letting people decide for themselves, try to influence people by cherry picking bits and pieces of info, manipulating search engines to get high hits, and only presenting one side of the story.

It is useless to fight it, except to educate the masses and equip them with utmost critical thinking skills so that they are not easily manipulated.

Rebecca MacKinnon

MF, as I and others have pointed out here and elsewhere, proxy servers and other circumvention tools are not as widely used in China as many people think.


It's irrelevant that the committed Chinese user can still find his way through the Golden Shield system. What offends liberals is that the Chinese government is "cheating" in its attempts to control popular opinion by controlling information flows. It is not perfect, as we've mentioned above, but it can do enough to prevent the natural flow of information and the establishment of the "gospel" of enlightenment values and internationalist thinking.

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