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July 06, 2008


Han solo

To Twofish,(refer to : Twofish
| July 08, 2008 at 10:54 PM )
Quote "The Manchu emperors had a problem of getting people to see themselves as "Chinese" even though ethnically they were very different. The way they did that was to define "Chinese" in terms of scholarship and academic advancement and to deemphasize race and ethnicity. The Manchu agenda of being accepted as Chinese also fit in with the agendas of Catholic missionaries like Matteo Ricci "

Matteo Ricci, (1552-1610),was one of the greatest western missionary that ever came to China(Ming Dynasty).He introduced Christianity,astronomy,mathematic,geography,and various modern science into Ming;at the same time,he was the first ever western scholar who could master Chinese Classical Language (Wenyan),then later on he translated the Confucian classics into Latin, with assistance from the scholar Xu Guangqi.
During Manchu Dynasty (1636-1912),all those barbaric emperors were busy burning books,putting Han scholars in jail,and murdering folks.
Mr.Twofish,either you have forgotten your Chinese history lessons,or you had read the wrong text books.

Han solo

To Twofish again,
Quote"What the Manchus in the 19th century did was to appear to be different things to the different groups that they ruled. To Han Chinese, they portrayed themselves as patrons of Confucian classical learning."
Mr.Twofish,you are really very ignorant of Manchu history and Confucius teaching.
After Manchus stepped onto the southern part of the Great Wall,even though the Manchu Emperor treated the western missionary with respect,encouraged the export of Confucius Teaching into western Europe,but in turn prohibited her own civilians to understand western culture.

Manchu Emperors realized that western culture is a threat to it's imperial authority,but most importantly,the Manchu imperial authority had the protection and support from Manchu Flag military and bureaucrat,so that the Emperors were able to impose "word prison" into every corner of the society,resulting in the inability of the society's intellectuals to form or conduct public opinions,that means only the emperors can "create" public opinions,thus the imperial authority was able to stop CHINA 's learning from the WEST,and exchanging with the west on even ground,the end result being Chung Hua culture could only export but no import.

Originally,western culture and Chung Hua culture were on even par and enriching each other.Equality,humanity and charity,all these qualities from Chung Hua culture,were absorbed into the western culture to counteract their own class suppression;whereas westerner's religion,and it's wareness of citizen's obligations ,were needed by Chung Hua culture to counteract our own" God-King" imperial authority.


Through the exchange with Chung Hua culture,the western culture was finally modernized,but Manchu imperial authority,not satisfied with strangling our spirit of humanity,went on to impose a complete stop on the Chung Hua culture's learning from the west.The opportunity to be upgraded and modernized,through the exchange with western culture,was lost.The Manchu Dynasty,not only was the cause of the full-scale backward of China in the modern time,also impeded the full integrating of western and Chung Hua culture.



The end results of the unlimited expansion of "word prison"into the the civilian society by the Manchu.
Because "word prison"was expanded into the civilian intellectuals,the society's independent recording of history has become impossible,thus the Manchu Emperors were able to control the public voice,and boldly said and wrote whatever they like.Why was Manchu emperors were able to make this "word prison"to last 150 years(Manchu Dynasty lasted 260 plus years),the reason being they had the complete support of the Manchu military and the bloc of Manchu bureaucrat .


The ruling of emperors of Han ethnic required bureaucrat,which in turn came from the society's intellectuals.The fact that the emperors of Han ethnic were "son of heaven",and this God-given-authority was used to suppress and control the intellectuals,on the other hand,the emperors depended on these intellectuals.That was why,the Ming dynasty's "word prison" only lasted for 30 years, not only Ming dynasty dared not continue the "word prison",they dared not murder the intellectuals.If all the intellectuals with a social responsive heart,were killed by the Ming emperors,there would be no one left to manage and run the country.

Manchu dynasty was different,it relied on the Manchurian military and manchurian bureaucrat bloc.Manchurian commanded absolute military power,on one hand they were able to impose "word prison" onto the society,backed up by ample violence;on the other hand, bureaucrat of Han ethnic were not needed to manage the country,to kill off all the Han intellectuals with a social responsive heart,would not harm their ruling,on the contrary,would only strengthen their ruling.This way,they could kill any of the intellectuals of the society at will.


The liberal thinking of the intellectuals of middle Ming dynasty and the resulting cultural exchange with the west,pose a huge challenge towards the imperial authority,the shrewd and powerful emperors knew it all along,they could stop the liberal thinking and at the same time, prohibit the cultural exchange with the west.



Though both Ming and Manchu dynasty had "word prison",but it's effect on the society was absolutely opposite.
Not only the Ming's intellectuals did not willingly become the emperor's minions, on the contrary,the intellectuals and bureaucrat were taking up position to oppose the imperial authority,resulting in the liberal thinking and the "say no to the emperor" movement during Middle Ming.Ming's intellectuals knew that the "God-King" imperial authority was the root of the short-coming of traditional Chung Hua civilization,resulting in the advocating of "When emperor lost the support of the bureaucrat,we have to learn from the West"

The Manchu "word prison" had achieved it's goal,turning intellectuals into minions of imperial authority,the whole society was enveloped in the smell of death.Foreigners came and gave him a good bash,only one phrase "open eyes to look at the world",was enough to be crowned as master of thought.Long time ago,during Ming dynasty,intellectuals have been "looking at the world",not only that,they had actively learned from the world,meaning "If the emperor has lost the support of the bureaucrat,he should learn from the western people.


To China's social thinking and the development of culture,the Ming's "word prison" acted as a vaccine,the body may have some uneasy reactions,but a strong and persistent reaction against the virus is kicking in.Whereas the Manchu "word prison"acted as a virus,and completely deformed Chung Hua's social thinking and culture.We all know that vaccine is actually weak form of virus,basically they are the same,the difference is in the degree of virulence,yet causing opposite results on a normal body.


The different effects by the "word prison"of Ming and Manchu ,is more profoundly shown on the strangling of the spirit of humanity of Chung Hua culture.


What is the spirit of humanity?It's the cultural spirit that make us different from animals.The publication of the book "Naked Ape",by zoologist D.Morris,shook the world.Nearly all the social animals will absolutely submit to own group's strongest and most powerful and violent.For example,the weaker monkeys will clearly and openly express it's dependency and belonging towards the stronger monkeys,for example,go down low on the ground on all four,stick up the bum high enough in the air to be raped by stronger monkeys (by the anus),so that they can live a better life.


This socio-biological theories of rape,is similar to human society's class system,especially readily comparable to the Manchu master-slave relationship.That is why zoologist D.Morris reckoned that human is in fact monkeys and apes with no hair---Naked Apes.Modern western civilization ,is about 300 years old,but human had since shook off the deep belonging and dependency of the weak towards the strong,shook off the worship and fear towards violence. For this reason,so called spirit of humanity ,means that majority of human,not afraid of the threat of violence anymore,and had since treat weaker fellow human with equality.



In Manchu times,its people's dependence and ass-kissing towards the rulers,Han all tried their best to become 奴才= minion , much more serious was the fact the whole society glorify the becoming of minion(all try to turn into banner people)all the intellectuals transformed themself into doggy minions, 奴才 ,dogs,animal.The spirit of civility of Han culture,the option of saying NO to violence and ruthless authority was extinguished completely.What remained was only the praise towards the "sacred emperor",the fear of violence,the cold and indifference towards own race,"To establish heart of Sky and Earth,to look after the livelihood of common people,To continue the teaching of Confucius-Meng Zi,To bring about 10,000 generations of PEACE.",this kind of ideals have all gone up in smoke,what was left was the shameless and disgusting ass-kissing towards the rulers.What was preserved and developed is not the spirit of civility,but the animalistic of Naked Apes minionism.


The traditional Han civilization,different from modern civilization,is a mixture of spirit of humanity and minion philosophy.For the further development of Han civilization,and to reduce it's content of minion philosophy,it definitely needs to import" concepts of contract and rule by law"of the Western culture.The Manchu rulers had succeeded in the vanishing of Han's spirit of humanity,and viciously expanding of Han's minion philosophy,at the same time,the Manchu prohibit the interact of culture between Chung Hua and the west.Chung Hua civilization was prevented to merge with the west ,thus it's modernization was stopped,moreover,it's own spirit of humanity had degenerated.We have thus reached the historical conclusion: China's falling behind of the west is unpreventable.

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