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July 14, 2008


Charles Liu

R, I'd like to point out the fact your claim of:

"few hundred thousand web commentators who are paid"

Is in reality an unproven allegation made by one of your GVO writer Oiwan Lam.

It seems you are using an "echo chamber" to write off any sentiments from the Chinese blogshpere that is not antagnistic towards the Chinese government as "government paid shill". Please, just because our government does it, does not mean the Chinese government does it worse.

I feel it is ironic that you are shilling allegation made by GVO, an organization you seem to be intimately associated with.

I would like to declare, categorically, that no one pays me to post comments - not the Chinese government, not the US government. I do it out of my own volition.

I have been concerned with GVO habitally ommitting certain aspects of Chinese blogsphere, and tried to highlight them on GVO, in vain.

I think I'm beginning to realize why.

Charles Liu

Oh, and the allegation

"Chinese cyber-nationalists against CNN's Jack Cafferty was fueled by 50-cent party postings."

is based on an article that cited "insider at one mainland Web site" who is completely unnamed. Could've been a CIA paid net shill posting in China, no?

It's paragraph 14 of the Far Eastern Economic Review article, see it for yourself.

Again, I feel I must delclare no one paid me to post this, or any other comments, blogpost, usenet post, for the last 12 years.

on the other hand

About the fifty centers:

1. Falungong has allegedly been doing this for years, paying people to defame their arch rival the CCP in Chinese language bulletin board systems such as mitbbs.com, the most popular web forum among overseas Chinese students. Someone should run an investigative report on Falungong as well, as it seems to be the real pioneer on this front. (BTW, Falungong's propaganda machine seems very much like their CCP counterpart. You will know what I mean if you have read Falungong newspapers. )

2. Reports about wumaodang are good, but they also have an unfortunate effect: anyone who is genuinly sympathetic with China and sometimes defends China's policies will now be suspected of being a fifty-center, and felt pressured to shut up, just like what many Americans felt after 9/11 about criticizing the US government---they may be labeled "unpatriotic".

Charles Liu

OTOH, I'm glad you brought up FLG, because I have been looking into this:


I found a quasai-government non-profit, "Friends of Falun Gong", founded by fmr. Congressman Tom Lanto's wife and Ambassador Mark Palmer from NED. FoFG has given FLG, over 6 million dollars in 5 years according to the non-profit declarations (Form 990) I found.

Yes, above blog is mine, and nobody paid me to put it up.

Charles Liu

R, why did you negelect to mention the author of the FEER article you cited, works at Journalism & Media Studies Centre at HKU?

Wait, isn't that where you work?

Charles Liu

Opps, you did. My apologies.

Charles Liu's friend



@ Charles Liu (a.k.a. Bobby Fletcher, a.k.a. OTOH etc.)

To anybody following your miserable conversations with yourself under different monikers it is quite obvious that you are not being paid for these postings and comments - who would shell out five mao for such rubbish?


In regards to Mr. Liu's former postings, it is funny that he mentions paid-CIA posters, because Bandurski's article even addresses the conspiracy theorists that are rife on the message boards boosting the idea that China is constantly under ideaological attack by the CIA and Western powers.

Charles Liu

Doug, isn't that the same "50-center" MO Rebecca and GVO are using to ignore the fact diverse opinions do exists in Chinese blogsphere?

Right, anything not sensational or antagonist towards the Chinese government is "paid government shill", thus, not real Chinese blogsphere voice.

This is the same Rovian rationale that led our own Bush regime to spy on domestic peace groups.

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