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August 14, 2008


Sebastian Bassi

There is something I don't understand: What response do you receive when you ask an explanation why a SMS you sent is received as a blank message. What about contacting your ISP an asking for an explanation on why a URL you know exists, it says it is now available.
What are the official response about all this?

Li Peng's Little Brother

I'm willing to bet 50 cents that the name of Chinese gold medal gymnast "He Kexin" will soon prompt similar overreaction from the Chinese government censors, who still haven't cleaned up all of the domestic references stating her age as 14.

charles liu

The attack at the drum tower can be easily Baidu'd:


by using the assailant's name.

Rebecca MacKinnon

@Charles, that was exactly the point in the op-ed I wrote: the attack could be searched in Baidu with lots of results, but Baidu blogs censor bloggers from writing about it.

@sebastian, the point is that the url no longer exists because the blog host took the whole thing down. It's not filtered - it's removed. Officially, there is no response. The service providers refuse to answer questions about these things. Last year a blogger tried to sue his blog host for censoring his posts - claiming breach of contract since he hadn't posted anything his user agreement said he couldn't - and the court threw out the case. The hosting company was never forced to give a substantive explanation.

jimmy howe

love the countdown clock, is rather bi-parté-san.


Well, partly, I agree with your argument about the conser problem in China. However, there is two things should be comtemplated: For one thing,Not all chinese people are promoted a good education. 90% of them can not think reasonablly and critically. Most of people surfing on net may just aggrandize the truth of particial even or weave other story to mislead more people whom should be more care about their life but polities. For another, indisputablly, there indeed are so much dengrous crisis around china. However, Hu juntao as the leader of chinese goverment should not be took all responsibility for that.
Maybe you should know more about china and understand why people and goverment do all these thing but just pay your own judgement on such even by your native view. Sometimes, it is called prejudgement.

Han solo

As I was searching through WWW, I came upon this article by the name of Matteo Ricci:On Chinese Government, Selection from his Journals (1583-1610 CE). http://acc6.its.brooklyn.cuny.edu/~phalsall/texts/ric-jour.html
After I have read through it,I am very sad, because 400 years ago, Italian Jesuit priest went to China to spread the words of Christ, and instead, he was witnessing a kind of true freedom of speech and democracy.

Quote:"Numerous copies are made of such written documents submitted to the crown and of the answers made to them In this way, what goes on in the royal headquarters is quickly communicated to every corner of the country. " Unquoted.

For 400 years, Chinese are seem to be stuck in a perpetual time vortex, unable to get out.May be for another 400 years?

More quotes:"Besides the classes or orders of the magistrates already described and many others which we shall pass over because they differ but little from our own, there are two special orders never heard of among our people. These are the Choli and the- Zauli, each consisting of sixty or more chosen philosophers. all prudent men arid tried. who have -already given exceptional proof of their fidelity to the King and to the realm. These two orders are reserved by the King for business of greater moment pertaining to the royal court or to the provinces, and by him they are entrusted with the great responsibility of carrying with it both respect and authority. They correspond in some manner to what we would call keepers of the public conscience, inasmuch as they inform the King as often as they see fit, of any infraction of the law in any part of the entire kingdom. No one is spared from their scrutiny, even the highest magistrates, as they do not hesitate to speak, even though it concerns the King himself or his household. If they had the power of doing something more than talking, or rather of writing, and if they were not wholly dependent upon the King whom they admonish, their particular office would correspond to that of the Lacedemonian Ephors. And yet they do their duty so thoroughly that they are a source of wonder to outsiders and a good example for imitation. Neither King nor magistrates can escape their courage and frankness, and even when they arouse the royal wrath to such an extent that the king becomes severely angry with them they will never desist from their admonitions and criticism until some remedy has been applied to the public evil against which they are inveighing. In fact. when the grievance is particularly acute they are sure to put a sting into their complaints and to show no partiality where crown or courts are concerned. This same privilege of offering written criticism is also granted by law to any magistrate and even to a private citizen, but for the most part it is exercised only by those to whose particular office it pertains. Numerous copies are made of such written documents submitted to the crown and of the answers made to them In this way, what goes on in the royal headquarters is quickly communicated to every corner of the country. These documents are also compiled in book form, and whatever of their content is deemed worthy of handing down to posterity is transcribed into the annals of the king's regime. Unquoted.

Han solo

Yesterday I said I was very sad, after reading Matteo Ricci's The Diary of Matthew Ricci, China in the Sixteenth Century,( New York: Random House, 1942, 1970). I was sad because during Ming Dynasty, China was strong, socially and politically advance (compared to other nations in her times), to such an extent that great scholar like Matteo Ricci gave her very high marks. In those time, Ming Dynasty was the envy of the World.
600 years had gone, what had happen? China, on any international plateform, is finding it tough to have real friends. (excluding countries such as N. Korea, Cuba, Sudan, of course.) Why?

Today I came upon an article which made me angry.

It is about 金庸. For those westerners who do not know much about Chinese history, 金庸 is a multi-Millionaire now, and he was the ex-owner of 明报, famous Hong Kong newspaper.

Quote:"也许在金庸这样的奴才看来,朱元璋等明朝皇帝杀的是所谓开国功臣达官贵人,所以是暴虐,而满清杀的大量平民则不算人,或者生命的价值比起达官贵人来低一等,所以是仁慈,卑劣至此可以令人无言" Unquoted.

The above accusation is made by this blogger 杜車别, kind of self-appointed historian.Most of his blogs were presenting his side of the argument: (1) Ming Dynasty was the best and the most powerful dynasty in Chinese history.
(2) Manchu rulers were a bunch of barbarians, they carried out genocide on Han 汉族.
(3) 金庸 were fabricating big lies about Ming 明朝 in all of his popular novels such as 神雕俠侣, and many others, which had been turned into countless movies and TV dramas. Put it this way,(for those who had just came from Mars, who had no idea who 金庸 is) Mao Tse-tung and 金庸, if any Chinese web site is going to conduct an opinion poll on popularity between the two, 金庸 will win hands down.
After reading 杜車别 blogs, I am beginning to form different opinions.
Why I am angry, you may ask. I used to love his novels, I loved most of the characters in his novels. Now I am not too sure. That is why I am very angry.
And I a not alone.

Han solo


Like I said yesterday, I was angry at 杜車别 ,because he shattered my "Childhood dreams".
Let me explain. I am an oversea Chinese 漢族, Han, and had read lots of classical Chinese novels such as 三國, 西游, and of course Mr.金庸 笑傲江湖, 倚天屠龍, nearly all of his novels. And all the main characters were my childhood hero, such as 張无忌, 虚竹和尚, 金毛獅王, 韋小宝.All these guys were mr.Nobody at the beginning, and were constantly bullied by nasty thugs, until one day they had learned some kind of kungfu, then "open sesame", they have everything, money, social status, girls, not any girls, but the prettiest, with the best temperament, sometimes a Mongol princess.
As a child, I was very much living through this virtual world created by Mr. 金庸, and one day I was 張无忌, the next day , 韋小宝, and wondering why none of my female classmates were even comparable to girls like 阿朱,趙明. And I was proud of this childhood of mine, very much so.
Now this Mr. 杜車别 turned up, saying thins like Mr.金庸 had got it all wrong! What a bombshell.Mr. 杜車别 is saying, in his blogs, http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_571ca5930100909p.html#cmt_707166, in those novels, the Manchu rulers being presented as benevolent,and open minded persons, and Ming emperors were presented as tyrants, murderers, were all wrong.Not only wrong,it is the other way around.
Now this is why I am angry.Because I can no longer tell right from wrong.


Interesting post, can you comment on what anonymity and privacy measures (if any) are effective to address this problem?
Are programs such as Freenet, Tor, I2P and others a viable solution?

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