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August 20, 2008



Looks great. Good job.

Elliott Ng

Nice new design. I like:
1. featuring your Twitter feed.
2. splitting out the Delicious bookmarks from the real posts.
3. featured posts

A few enhancements if I may:
1. put email/RSS subscribe above the fold, maybe below your profile picture.
2. set up your account on FriendFeed and tie in all your feeds: blog, delicious, twitter, JMSC blog if u post there, etc. Then provide a link to subscribe there.
3. Group all your subscribes into 1 section. So if someone wants rmack everywhere, all the time, they can get it!

All in all, nice refresh.


this one is better looking and clean layout.


Very inspirational and informative analysis. Would be referring to your blog from time to time.

Blocking and "Big Brother Watches" phenomenon occurs here also, in a regional scale, to be precise. Especially in the parts of India with a reddish hue.



btw:this theme is nice~looking good

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