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November 24, 2008


Charles Peng

He did too much things which our government doesn't like to do so.

BTW, it seems your blog is also being blocked in China, as I can't open this post link from Zuola's twitter status. It's strange as there's no "zuola" or "zola" keywords in the URL...

Rebecca MacKinnon

Thanks for the heads up about the blocking Charles. Yes, this blog is blocked in China. Based on testing done from within mainland China, people have concluded that the main URL of this blog itself is blocked.


Wearing a t-shirt with one's own photograph on it? That looks a bit narcissistic.

"我反正是玩"---this hippie attitude worries me. Sort of being anti-regime for the sake of anti-regime. The communists, however, are often stupid enough as to make a hippie look like a hero. To quote James Fallows, "How can official China possibly do such a clumsy and self-defeating job of presenting itself to the world?"

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