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March 05, 2009



I get a note on your talk, at:



During your talk someone asked how do we know the grass mud horse song is anti-censorship - it's actually in the lyrics, "they defeated the river crabs and reclaimed their land"

Scentless Apprentice

Great presentation. Very interesting hypotheses in defining China's internet. It's highly possible that the internet as a whole will move towards the middle of authoritarian and democratic ways. Australia, for example, is democratic but it is starting to impose control on the net. I sure hope we don't get too far away from a truly free internet.

BTW, the video of the presentation is now on The Hub. The resolution got compromised but everyone can now embed it on their blogs/websites. It's at:


I was there in your speech at American center, which was educational, interesting and refreshing.
I personally think Young Chinese needs more rational patriotism rather than nationalism, the difference is the westerner see criticism is the sign of critical thinking, but here is different case, if you criticize China, it's kind of like insulting and not patriotic, but I think more and more people will become well-informed.

Plus, we were so amazed by your Chinese skill,学了多少年?听起来很像母语!您在港大?应该认识Ying Chen吧。。

Anyways, just random thoughts from your new blog-follower in Beijing.

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