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April 14, 2009



What do you think of the situation in Thailand ?


Please dont use commercial as excuse for biased reports about China.

On Tibet issue, I found lies and manipulations in Wiki, BBC, CCN, anywhere.

Did you ever visit fool's mountain. There is serious problem about native aboriginals in Canada, but people dont know what is going on in the land under their feet, while they think they know a lot about what is going on on the other sider of the earth.

Let us if you are gonna censor my post.


if it is for the purpose of justice to be anti-cnn, xinhua should have been hung long time ago.


Thanks for the info, this is really interesting.

On on hand, I can see that anti-cnn.com has a mission to expand China's media savvy when it comes to western media-- but on the other, having a site with that type of name tends to attract reactionary people with clear agendas. This makes dialogue hard.

In recent years, with the advent of the Fox News model for viewership and readership-- Western media has not actually helped Westerners become more educated about differing viewpoints that the rest of the world possesses.

Even Rebecca herself probably knows very clearly that even Reuters and the 1000s of stories per day that are filed-- are implicit in a type of commercial journalism which sells people ideas they are comfortable with and doesn't represent anything that challenges their views.

Freedom of press, especially in the USA, is sadly only reserved for Domestic issues. Foreign Policy and information about other countries is strictly skewed towards the existing biases that certain market segments have.

And, that, is why Chinese people hate living in DC. There are some existing biases in that city that will take 5 Obamas to change.

Phil in China

"My moderator said that China's censorship system is a national reality and she believes it's necessary for national stability."

Any government that feels it must "protect" people from the Truth is undeserving of any media attention...


I'm confused, how come Rao Jin is listed as the founder? According to the China Digital Times article http://chinadigitaltimes.net/2008/12/interview-with-anti-cnn-founder-qi-hanting/ Qi Hanting was the founder and he said Anti-CNN was apparently hijacked by the fenqing...

Michael in Sydney

If Anti-CNN fosters a sense of dialogue about media bias and develops critical skills towards all media then it may be a good thing. I wonder what the folks at anti-CNN think of the fact that one of the most popular shows in the US (the Daily Show) owes its success to being hypercritical of US media and politicians. Perhaps one day CCTV will have a similar show that focuses on Chinese media and Chinese politicians.


"My moderator said that China's censorship system is a national reality and she believes it's necessary for national stability."

I agree with the moderator. The CCP would crumble if people actually knew what was going on. Censorship keeps the CCP alive.


Personally I feel somewhat offended by the "patriotic youth" title that Rebecca gave to those people at anti-cnn community... they have to prove themselves capable of independent, critical thinking --- not only against western media, but against domestic media, especially official media as well --- before they can be called patriots.


There are several issues here: 1) Chine/Tibet relationship. 2) General function of media 3) CNN’s behavior in reporting China/Tibet issue.

I basically agree with you about China/Tibet relationship and genral function of media. But I think that CNN’s behavior in reporting China/Tibet is a shame.

If the conversation’s purpose is discuss China/Tibet and generally about media, that is good. If the conversion’s purpose is to defend CNN, I don’t think CNN deserve it.

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