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May 14, 2009



"I'll be attending the next ICANN meeting in Sydney"

Attending an ICANN meeting **helps** to make ICANN relevant. You are endorsing censors by that action. You are endorsing people who tax netizens by creating artificial scarcity.

How can you voice concern about China's policies when your own personal policies support The Big Lie Society ?

Why is a small island able to create domain names for free in seconds ?
Why does ICANN tax netizens $100,000,000 per year to travel to places like Sydney to entertain you ?


Where do you get the money to globe-trot from Hong Kong, to China, to Sydney, to Egypt ?

Are you aware that your voice may be heard while thousands of other people have no means to express their opinion ?

Have you considered that flying around in meatspace is far less efficient than moving about in Cyberspace ?

Why do ICANN meatspace people think that they have the right to dominate Cyberspace people ?

What happens if Cyberspace people collectively route around your meatspace cliques ?

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