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June 25, 2009


I like Danwei's original letter

This is indeed getting wierd---there is got to be a reason other than madness, although I don't know what it is. Maybe the government got some false alarms?

About the Fa Lung Gong affliated Freegate thing, the surge probably comes from Iran rather than China.


It jut occurred to me that 7/1 sounds like 起義,a word I've heard a lot lately. I wonder if that was intentional.


I think it's worth noting that Anonymous isn't just a group of Chinese netizens - it's an international internet subculture. The group has targeted a number of organisations before (including the Church of Scientology), hacked a Time magazine online poll, and was responsible for flooding Youtube with porn earlier this year (apparently as a protest over the removal of music videos by Warner Music). Given their previous antics, July could be even weirder than you think...


I was going to chime in with the same comment as Rory (Anon China is using much of the same imagery as Anon, and their letter was written in the same manner). Anon vs. Scientology has been quite a sight around the world, and Anon China vs. Authorities should be fun.

That said, I can't see the typical Anon public masked protest going over well. Here's hoping they stick to online


half number of guys in China cannot find woman, and now they cannot even get a porn webpages?

What they gonna do?! Oh, Lord.


Great post! And "The Month The Censors Stopped Taking Their Medication" is priceless! I hope things are going to settle down, though.

I wonder how situations like this come about... I could imagine someone starting a new job and trying to asset his authority, somewhere in a government building, and then not wanting to admit that wasn't the right approach.

Charles Liu

How can there be censorship when end users are not under any mandate to install or run this software?

Please take a look at the (IMHO deliberate) ommission and mis-translation in your Sony blogpost. It is obvious Sony only bundled the software, but you left that out to make your point.

Shame on you.

Jym Allyn

Maybe China will realize that the next big source of credibility and respect as a "world power" will be to bring peace and prosperity to Afghanistan by providing 150,000 UN sanctioned "peace keepers" to supplement the current US forces.

Why not buy mercenaries from China? We buy almost everything else.


while this is certainly encouraging to those of us seeking a broader sense of sanity in the world, I can tell you that, as a one-time foreign resident of China, husband of a chinese woman and fluent mandarin speaker, those who support this kind of censorship still outnumber everyone else in China 999 to 1. Though hard to believe, many Chinese citizens feel that protecting China's face trumps all other international concerns. If you grew up hearing that your once glorious culture is now the "sick-man of Asia" and that at any given moment hordes of hairy big-nosed foreigners and perverted Japanese are to invade, steal all the resources and women and once again put you under colonial rule (and remember that for most of life you've never even seen a non-chinese person, let alone have any kind of rapport with one), you'd probably be a little xenophobic too.

art j

It seems that China is bent on ruling the world like the former Soviet Union the United States. Well it will never happen.
1. The government is afraid of their people.
2. The government wants all Chinese to behave the same and learn the same things in school. Their history is one of tyrants ruling and executing those that dissent.
3. Without free expression--there cannot be creativity and open mindedness!!
4. They want all their minorities to SHUT UP and be like the HAN.

The Chinese government will fall through ignorance or by the hand of their own people as happened in the Communist Revolution.

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