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June 09, 2009



great blog post. Your last paragraph highlighting previous failed attempts by the government offers a glimmer of hope. I hope the GNI can play a lead role then in lobbying against this.

faked quartet @ obama inauguration

This is not a censorship software. It's a garbage software that can be uninstalled easily. And you have to instruct it to work before it can block any pornography. You can also instruct google to filter pornography. Why do people get political over garbage softwares? The real politics here is that a company can use a garbage software to steal money from the state (the use fee is in the millions, for just one year!), not that the state is trying to use the software to block politically sensitive information. Why do people keep talking about the false politics but not the real politics here?


If it can be uninstalled easily, then why must one have an administrator password, known by state officials, to uninstall it?
China's government is afraid of its people...

UltraSurf project leader

Technical analysis shows that Green-Dam doesn't block UltraSurf effectively. A simple workaround to defeat green-dam is to change the port number in c:\windows\system\filtport.dat (installed by Green Dam) from 9666 to any other number such as 9667. UltraSurf works again.

The technical analysis also shows Green-Dam is a browser text/image filtering software rather than a firewall software. I would say China government has been defeated in firewall circumvention battle in network field. The frontier has moved from network to browser field.

Charles Liu

"why must one have an administrator password, known by state officials, to uninstall it?"

You are BSing people Dave. On Windows any user with admin rights can uninstall software.

Charles Liu

In addition, the memo Becca posted states clearly what's been provided for free is the "1st year subscription" of the anti-malware.

So as it appears not only is the end user not obligated to use it, it's only free for one year.

Don't tell me, the computers will stop working after one year because of some magic admin password, Dave.


Chinese programmers of Green Dam allegedly stole code from Solid Oak Software of Santa Barbara...

"SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A California company claims that the Internet-filtering software China has mandated for all new personal computers sold there contains stolen programming code" reports the Associated Press.

Scott Wolchok

I've just checked, and there is definitely some filtering applied to Firefox 3 with Green Dam 3.17: when I try to search Google for "porn" or "sex", the search request is silently killed, but the browser stays open. This behavior went away when I used the update feature to get version 3.173, which seems to use less blacklists. However, if I try to go to sites that are still listed in the adwapp.dat blacklist after the update, the page load is silently killed, even though I am using Firefox. I am confident that it is not some other pattern matching mechanism triggering on the domain name and happening to overlap with the blacklist, since the .net versions of some .coms in the list are not killed.

I'd also like to clarify that the Web filtering vulnerability can be exploited through more browsers than IE, including Firefox. It is still in version 3.173.

Charles Liu

Scott, I installed Green Dam on my box and was not able to repro the crash. I had Windows 7, Moroa AV, and Defender.

Did you guys disable conventional safeguards like antivirus and firewall? If you did I must insist that is not a valid test, as Green Dam is content filter only, not meant to replace conventional safeguards.


There was never a mandate to force installation of this software. According to the original 5/19 MIIT announement, the software is to bundle on hard drive or CD-ROM. There may have been confusion over the term "preinstall/bundle", but both MIIT and the software maker have clarified this point as early as 6/10, that what is distributed is the setup file, and users are not required to install or run Green Dam (IMHO unfortunately ignored by the media at large, who seem to have opted for sensationalism)
I have made a post about it on my
wifi technology Blog

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