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June 27, 2009



The Spec YDN 138-2006(Technical Requirements of Internet Parental Control Software Based on PC) is designed to filter malignant information, without mentioning politically sensitive content.

Section 3.1.1 Definition of malignant informaiton
pornography,violence,gambling,suicide contents which are unhealthy for youngsters


partial translation

Section 6.2.4 Remote notification
Auto-generated alerts will be sent to administrators via e-mail or SMS while access to URL addresses or content which meet the filtering settings.

Section 6.2.6 Remote control

Filtering software should allow administrator to view log or modify filtering settings remotely.

Section 7.3 Security

Installation and use of the filtering software should not introduce new security vulnerability into the system.

The filtering software should run in background, and can not be terminated, uninstalled or deleted without authorization. That is, Without particular Administration Account or hardware, the filtering software cannot be terminated, uninstalled or deleted.

The filtering software should have fault detection mechanism and fault bypass mechanism.

The installation path and filename of the filtering software should be anonymous.

The key information of filtering software,such as configuration rules, related database should be stored in encrypted format.

By using URL address filtering, the filtering software should invalidate filtering avoidance method via proxy servers.

The filtering software should not collect user information without user permission.

James G

Hopefully, Solid Oak (producers of Cybersitter, the software whose IP Green Dam violates ) will go ahead and sue the fluck out of all the companies that ship PC's with Green Dam included.

China wants to bully it's own populace? Fine; beyond some internet indignation and editiorials, the average Zhou doesn't really seem to mind, as far as I can tell. But I hope and pray that this doesn't set the precedent of the Chinese govt going ahead and telling foreign companies they have to be complicit in open and flagrant violations of U.S. and E.U. copyright law.

It takes a lot of f**king nerve for Sony and Acer to go ahead and usurp Solid Oak's IP, but I am sure they have a crack team of lawyers ready to storm the gates.

Yah, 中国加油... what a joke

Charles Liu

Rebecca, you are still mis-translating stuff about Green Dam, all seem to be in an effort to propagandiz your position that somehow the Chinese government is making people use this software.

This is not the case at all, as end users were never under any mandate to install or use this software.

Here's the correct translation of section 4 and 5 titles:

"Location of Original Software Installation Articles:"

"Software Install/Uninstall Guide:"

As you can see, Sony bundled the software as per 5/19 MIIT announcement, but did not install it. That choice is still freely up to the end users.

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