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July 01, 2009



Hey oppressive bigot lady. Why can't children be allowed to watch what they like? I am the proud owner of 12Gigs of bestiality, shemale, incest and interracial porn. I can confidently guarantee that every young male of 12+ with access to the internet will have surfed for porn with a box of Kleenex to hand. Why should "children" be denied the right to discover and define their own sexual individuality?
Do you even grasp inside your rigid frigid sexually repressed psyche what people REALLY use the internet for? PORN. That's what. Not the blathering screed of some narcissistic whiny blogger in some foreign country. PORN transcends language race religion and culture. Every young red blooded male appreciates the sight of a juicy set of tits or the gaping pink vagina dripping with urgent arousal. Sexuality is insinuated into everyday advertising from cars to men's grooming products. Sex sells because we want it. Yet you would deny it to others, even though there is a clear trend in increasing sexual awareness of children today as well as the biological readiness to have sex. If you really care about the children, you should view the net as a safe place for them to learn and enjoy sexual self discovery.
The sad reality is that old folk of the senior generation like you tend to have deeply repressed sexual views that are simply have no place in an increasing era of social liberty and freedom. The clear unambiguous global historical trend is for the children to rebel against their parent's iron fisted paternalistic restraints of sexual authoritarianism.
Can't you see the blatant hypocrisy of asking software manufacturers to support free speech to support your agenda, but then deny it to others because it offends your self enacted sexual repression?
Your understanding of the Internet's effect on society and liberty is every bit as narrow and straitjacketed as in Beijing's conception of "modernity" and "progress"

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