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September 28, 2009



Hey Rebecca,

Just to clarify: I always use Foxyproxy with an SSH tunnel, because that way I can select which websites go through the tunnel (your blog) and which ones don't (Baidu).

The difference is that in the past I never turned on the option "Use SOCKS proxy for DNS lookup," meaning that all DNS resolution was on local Chinese servers. When Facebook and Twitter got blocked earlier this year (I forget when, July 5?), the block was at the DNS level and sending those URLs through the tunnel wasn't enough - I need the name resolved to an IP by a DNS server outside China, and clicking the proxy DNS lookup option solved that.

C.A. Yeung

Thanks for posting this. I'm not sure whether this is related to the National Day preparations: the URL of Zeng Jinyan's blog has been hijacked since around 18 September. So no one from either inside or outside China can access her blog now. She was granted a special visit to Hu Jia on 21 September in exchange for her taking a short trip away from Beijing. She left on 25 September and won't return to Beijing until 10 October. In short, she is incommunicado at the moment.


What's the big deal? Other democratic countries like France, Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Canada have similiar measures to censor sensitive information like Child porn or terrorism activities.

K. Xu

Not on any scale comparable to China. And saying we should do it because someone else does it is neither reason nor justification, it's just an excuse pushed by people who don't have a real argument for their actions.


Oh I see, in Western countries, censorship is okay to protect its citizens. In China censorship is bad it is not justified. If people don't use internet access for terrorism activities, then it won't be restricted. It doesn't affect most Chinese citizens as they don't go to these web sites anyways.


Hotspot Shield works well in Tianjin.


There are many psiphon nodes which are working -- we've had a number of ours tested and they're all accessible.

MJ Klein

many blogs block Chinese users via htaccess because of hacking.

jaap holm

hotspot works well on one of my computers, but not on the other. Mysterious

Greg Hatz

Dam Burst is yet another recent development in the Chinese Green Dam censorship:


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