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September 28, 2009


Charles Liu

I think it should be mentioned that Freegate is/was paid for by the US government.


K. Xu then stop using a vpn or whatever to view this site, its BLOCKED, so you should RESPECT your kind hearted government's decision and NOT VIEW THIS PAGE. If of course you are not in China, or not Chinese, then GET BACK THERE AND SUFFER LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, if you are not Chinese then SURRENDER YOUR FOREIGN PASSPORT AND BECOME ONE, only then will you have any right to support the chinese government on this issue.

I can't believe you can compare the holistic censorship regeime in China to any western country, its like comparing being shot in the head with a shotgun to being hit in the face with a tissue.


I'm using Freedur to bypass the great firewall. I honestly don't really care about the politics and feel it's unfair for those of us on the 'innocent' side to suffer because many people don't like the Chinese government or what not.


Fwi, the owner of Freedur Chris Mathews and his operations are very shady. There is so many bad comments floating around the internet about Chris Mathews, Freedur, ShoeMash and OpenTerrace LTD. Supposedly, Chris Mathews has stolen Freedur from its real owner - StackFile (owner - Paul Hay).

Freedur server is full of stolen files, just as example - https://freedur.net/images/placeholder/stackfile_logo.jpg

You can read the law suit against Freedur/Chris Mathews here http://www.skydur.com/law-suit-against-chris-mathews.php.

If I were you I would stay away from Freedur, ShoeMask and Open Terrace LTD.


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