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October 09, 2009



I support this fully!


Thanks for this post!

By the way, I read your father's excellent book, Wuhan, 1938: War, Refugees, and the Making of Modern China. Am looking forward to reading your book.


Maybe we can tell that to the CIA who is going to monitor your tweets.



Why on earth do you put so much effort into a blog that barely anyone reads? All you do is type. I've seen your arrogance up close and am sure you have no idea what people say about you at the events you waltz into as if you actually did anyone any good.

Do you have any idea what people think of you when you come to events? Seriously, your self important blog title of: "conversation with the worldwide web" says it all.

Surely you will delete this in a nanosecond, but trust me, your mean-spirited and ridiculously self-centered attacks on the character of others who can't delete the crap you post isn't forgotten. Oh, and please go have some fun on Halloween. We know it's been 15 years, but clearly, you need to lighten up.


Ha, ha! The woman who writes about censorship, censors (moderates) her own commenters! Hilarious

Rebecca MacKinnon

@JeriLBS I hope you feel better now that you have vented your spleen. Would you be willing to stand by your words and publicly identify yourself? Somehow I doubt you have the guts.
Not that it's news to me that some people wish I didn't exist. But thanks for the reminder.
Re: comments moderation, I started out not moderating, but my spam filter wasn't good enough to block the obscene spam, and people were accusing me of being a pornographer. Can't win.

Louisa Chiang

Chinese advocate for victims of land seizures from World Expo Shanghai 2010 Feng Zhenghu as Tom Hanks in Terminal - kidnapped by his own government and sent to Japan with Japanese airline complicity. Stuck in Narita Airport since Nov. 4. Let Obama know - help Feng get home!

Follow him on Twitter


See his hangout in Narita -



Photo of a comatose man whom the Chinese government dragged out of his house with a white picket fence for World Expo Shanghai 2010 construction:


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