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October 08, 2009




Yes we can!

But we wont.

J. Maynard Gelinas

I think the success of Deng Xiao Peng's transition to market economics and then near completion of the Three Gorges Damn project has enamored many in Washington policy circles. The Chinese do have a three thousand year history of pulling off huge infrastructure projects.

But the United States has a very different culture and institutional systems. What US feds want is the Chinese's total power over local prefects and counties. But our system is based upon diffused authority and local power. In that sense, our two systems are diametrically opposed.

I think your thesis is right. That is what our leaders want. But such a system of governance is orthogonal to the principals of a republic.

Eric T. MacKnight

Yes, yes, and— third party? Uh, not likely. Progressives can make headway only by organizing first at local and statewide levels. When there are a lot more progressive mayors, state legislators, and governors, the Beltway will begin to pay attention. Meanwhile the power will remain where it has been for a long time: on Wall Street, on K Street, and in the Pentagon.

Will Shirley

Actually, considering that the United States is pretty much controlled by big corporations it is less like China and much more like Fascist Italy or Germany. We have an intellectual rather than a psychotic in charge but we fit the definition of Fascism as Mussolini himself promoted, even to the influence of organized religion. Sad to note, no fascist state survives the greed and blood lust of it's politicians. I fully expect an American President to suggest we occupy a 50 mile border with Canada and Mexico to protect our vital security interests. After all, the WTC bombers came from outside, but Timmy McVeigh came from within so we'll have to ratchet up the secret police some. Expect detention camps for illegal migrant workers sometime next year.

Little Richardjohn

The scale of the Beijing Olympic show managed to capture the scale of Chinese history and achievements. The message being that China invented everything; that it is the senior world civilisation, beating the other whippersnappers by thousands of years; and that it achieved all this through constant, ruthless Harmony in the Confucian tradition, which will outlast all fanciful western notions of individual liberty.
Orwell once described fascism as adopting from socialism only those aspects which were useful for the purposes of war. Chinese feudalism initially adopted those same aspects, now it chooses to cherry-pick from Consumerism instead. Likewise, Profit-worshipping Consumerism is free to resort to Confucian feudalism in its own defence.

Dave S.

I have felt the same way for a long time that because of technology governments will more and more abuse the rights of their citizens. It is natural for a group who wants to modify human behavior (both democratic and republican) to use these new tools to control a very weak population who do not understand the freedoms that they inheritently deserve. Final solutions do not allow individual choice.

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