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December 17, 2009



I felt the need to share with you the story of Jason Bromby, a 28-year-old British diplomat. He came to China to discuss foreign policy. He has now gone missing. Please read more:


Spread the word, something needs to be done!!


Isn't it tempting, when with Chinese officials in a conference like this, to mention that your blog is haronized, and to ask how that promotes social stability? I couldn't resist.

Charles Etheridge

With Microsoft being involved in this meeting, I wonder if internet users in China can download something like Windows 7 with the inclusion of IE8 and something like BING? But then where would IE8 get its basic Chinese informaiton or BING get its points to reference?

Internet Security

At least China is more open now and I just hope they would lift censorship on some internet rules of use. Kudos for sharing the meeting on video.

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