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December 22, 2009


Charles Liu

So much for your "open, "participatory media" bit.

Why don't you ask Oiwan Lam and John Kennedy why they both bcensored my comment on the fact Liu Xiaobo received hundreds of thousands from US government via the NED?

Here's the scoop - NOT ONE expat blog mentioned this fact, which is plainly available on ned.org's grant publication (ICPC, Minzhu Zhongguo magazine, both headed by Liu Xiaobo).

Rebecca MacKinnon

On January 8 you posted a comment here:

In exactly what way was it censored?

Charles Liu

R, when I posted here Lam still had the comment hidden. Alas it seems you can't talk John Kennedy into turning the same comment on:


What, you guys can run the same echo chamber, but I can't comment twice?

Rebecca MacKinnon

I don't micro-manage GV's comments moderation process, but it seems you are really stretching to find a reason to accuse us of censorship.

Charles Liu

And this is not the fist time your Canadian fry cook censored my comment that goes against his agenda.

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