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January 21, 2010



Nice meeting you today at the Newseum!我是那個台灣來的女孩。


Rebecca, I am not quite sure what you mean by this:

I think the toughest work will be in coordinating U.S. domestic and foreign policies so that you don't have some policies advancing Internet freedom while other policies - especially on copyright, child protection, crime, and terror - end up sending a very different kind of message about American priorities.

American priorities need to be all of the above, and it is not that tough to advance all of them, which still adhering to American values. What many proponents of Internet freedom fail to appreciate is that there is a substantial dark side to the Internet, i.e. if facilitates human and drug trafficking, and a host of other criminal activity. I suggest a close read of Moses Naim's book Illicit as a good antidote to the often naive discussion of Internet "freedom".....

Eduard, Grenoble France


uh...the artist's name is "Guaiguai" not "chengcheng."

didn't pass your Chinese 101, I guess?

Rebecca MacKinnon

Thanks for your kind correction.


this gonna be a long story...
anyway I wish there should be a regulating body for internet :)

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