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January 13, 2010


john nyc

Fantastic journalism regarding this righteous and ballsy move by Big G. I bet the timing of this decision had a lttle to do with the release of the Nexus 1 smartphone. Young Chinese are certainly slavering for it, lol.

K. Xu

How foolish, Google will lose a ton of money by leaving China, and dragging the American economy even deeper into the hole.


Rebecca, do you not think this action represents a turning point for US foreign policy towards China.

First of all, that press release (blog post whatever), coming a day after Baidu hack, starting with "we get hacked too," entitled "A New Approach to China"... and asking for unfiltered search? Is Google stupid or thinks we are? Well, I mean, they know we are not stupid, but this press release was obviously not written for us.

Six months ago or whatever, we all hailed the success of pushing back "Green Dam." And how did we do this? Coordinated, carefully worded, AmCham rubber stamped action. And we said, what are the lessons? Carefully worded, AmCham coordinated action.

This is not carefully worded, AmCham coordinated action. Either Google is stupid, think we are stupid, or this is a bit bigger than pushing back "Green Dam."


well, no doubt this is a very great move but there is something that should be addressed

i mean all the people specially USA people an NGO’s are against china for watching and monitoring results and there private info to detect any thing that goes against there policy, what ever it is,
But no body talks bout USA government and FBI doing the very same thing :)
They are monitoring every single piece of information on internet and who knows what they are doing of it and cause of it :)
There are enough restriction on media in USA ‘that we all knows …those who argue bout it either deceiving themselves or others..

So don’t criticize others on something that you are doping too :)


--> K. Xu,

Google has got tons of money already. As for the U.S., it will do alright too as long as you chumps keep on lending them your money which you've earned in the first place by trading with them. I know you don't like to but you don't have any other viable alternatives, have you?

Wenliang Li

As far as I know, the reason why google is planning on all these things is not only about human rights or free speech. In China there is another very strong searching engine called Baidu and it takes almost 70% of the market which is 4-5 times more than google, so google is not actually going on a pleasant journey in China. Also, during the past several years, Google China has been accused of infringements of copyrights. In a word, google might have decided to quit China because of the failure in Chinese market, hijacking the name of advocating human rights.


google is doing fine if not super in china, with 30% of the chinese search market. any company going after profit and not trying to build on that would be nuts. in this case, google is setting its sights a bit beyond sheer profit. people who understand profit and profit only and nothing else may of course fail to see this.


If I were more cynical, I'd be impressed by how quickly and subtly the CCP has spun this as a business failure...


Google will not lose money as Google China is just 1% of their profits and they have 16% of the chinese market share.

Dan E. Bloom

Rebecca, This is Danny Bloom in Taiwan watching the Chicoms from here, and this Google "I can't quit you" thing is going to be interesting to watch. I made a little blogpost for fun and games at the link, taking off from Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain movie where one of the characters says to his mate: "I just can't quit you." Made me think of this Google vs the CCP - PRC - Chicoms issue. Will they go or will they stay. This story has legs, as they used to say in the snailpapers of yesterday which had real newsrooms and real people in them.

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