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January 13, 2010


Dan E. Bloom

oh i see, comments need moderation first. good idea. dan


@John NYC

"I bet the timing of this decision had a lttle to do with the release of the Nexus 1 smartphone. Young Chinese are certainly slavering for it, lol."

I'm an expat living in Dalian, China. Let me tell you, the phones in East Asia are light years ahead of our so-called smart phones in the States, and this still holds true even after Nexus and the iPhone. Heck, I can use my cellphone as a metro ticket everyday. The young Chinese are slavering over the Nexus? Ha.

FYI, Nexus runs on Android, which is open source, and plenty of other phones run it and are on sale in China. Motorola's Android phones will be running Baidu and BING as search options. Too bad Google will not be getting any ad revenue whatsoever from the mobile Internet market in China, and what a market it is: 470 million Chinese use their phones to browse the net. Ouch.

Oh, by the way, the Chinese have already made their money producing those darn Nexus phones already. It's Google that will be left holding a bunch of unsell-able inventory. Extra ouch. The Chinese will be laughing all the way to the bank, again.

Get informed, dude. One last thing: it appears that you are not aware of the fact that Google is a distant second in the Chinese search market, trailing far behind the Chinese search engine Baidou. Tada... oh how the world looks differently from this side of the planet.

Be grateful to the Chinese, since they are propping up that bankrupt state of yours (bring Spitzer back!), whose finances were ruined by our so-called financial experts. Say, would you happen to be one of them?

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