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March 23, 2010



"Since I put _some effort_ into my testimony..."

You paint your effort with strokes too modest.

March 2nd Senate Hearing (via webcast): clear and astute. Thank you.


One small thing that might be worth correcting: "the United States will not imposing its will on the Chinese people"

Might be: "the United States will not imposing its will on the Chinese people"

Very insightful post. Better than any of the other articles I've read about Google and China.

Chris Davaz

Wow that's a lot of good work right there. I'll have to read the full article tomorrow. A while ago I posted a little bit about the interplay between CCP censorship and Chinese cultural dispositions.


Keep up your good work!


...the United States will not imposing its will on the Chinese people, but rather helping the Chinese people to take ownership over their own future.

More accurately, United States CAN NOT impose its will on the Chinese people or their government. United States do not have a choice in this matter. Given the situation in the last few decades, if US can, we will. There is no moral high grounds here for any one.

Here is an unflattering picture for all parties:

1) Chinese government censors out of some irrational fear.
2) Google is covering their poor performance and product by painting politics
3) American politicians are on their election year China bashing as usual for political gain
4) Various rights activists are imagining how the Chinese people ought to feel without actually knowing.

It's all a bit funny. Here in US, I use google for English content and Baidu for Chinese. I think that is the root of the problem for Google in China.




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