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March 22, 2010



Ask yourself what kind of country needs to keep information of any type from its citizens.--Countries like the US and Japan, which for several decades had a secret pact allowing nuclear armed vessels to use Japanese ports. This is about as fundamental a violation of Japanese core values as you can find--the modern state is founded on the non-nuclear principle. The story was covered two weeks back. The US and Japan governments deceived the Japanese people for decades.


The conclusion after reading thru the article is bias and ridiculous. What is Google comparing to China? Do China needs Google to survive? Anwer is No. Is China going to go into dark ages without Google? Answer is NO. Has China the right to censor lies spout out especially from Dalai Lama, the content of which Google refuses to cooperate. The anwer is Yes.

So what is Rebecca trying to twist as if it is China thats guilty.


You know Google has done some caving in under political pressure before, but I also understand that sometimes you can't come in with the whole "shubang". Sometimes you just need to get your foot in the door so you can take a look around and figure things out for the future.

Web Design Company

This all happened to make Baidu more popular.


What will be the one they will be using when no Google? Chinese web designers and developers you think will agree on this?

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