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June 29, 2010



A thought on option three: It's not just Google.cn that puts you to .com.hk -- Google.com forwards to HK as well. Thus they'd have to interfere a bit more for some users. No idea how many people type google.com or .cn or .com.hk or what.


The real issue is that Google's obligation to shareholders is to maximize profits, not to change foreign governments. As noble as their desires may be, this is the first amateur move I've seen Google make in all the years I've supported them. They should save face, having already made their point on a worldwide stage, and go back to complying with Chinese law. Let China deal with the heat for their censorship, not the Google shareholders.

Dewi Morgan

Peebus: You must come from a strange environment if you feel that Google only has commitments to its shareholders.

That's like saying a worker only has commitments to its company, and should ignore family or social responsibilities.

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