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July 09, 2010


Chad Maxwell

Perhaps you should try your google.com.hk searches again, as they are indeed censored

Brian Sniffen

Adding an S doesn't do much when the CAs trusted by your browser are controlled by the government. I wish your explanation could refute te argument that google.com.hk is permitted because it does no harm to the information control plans of the government


@Chad Maxwell: googling "tiananmen square" on google.com.hk doesn't show any signs of censorship for me.

@Brian Sniffen: while technically a trusted CA can create fake certificates at will, in practice this means that they would have to sign the fake. If the tampering is detected by comparing the fake and real certificate of a site, then the signature would conclusively prove who had done the tampering and this would quickly cause the CA to lose its precious "trusted" status.


Great information about Google license renewal i am looking this.:)


Tries, of course not going to be censored

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