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October 27, 2011



Google Reader's traffic is not currently encrypted (they started testing https only recently) G+ on the other hand is encrypted by default, so there is a misunderstanding on that front. It will also still be a feed reader.

Rebecca MacKinnon

Hi David. Actually the encryption on G-Reader has been working for me for quite a long time and I know people in China who use it in the same way as folks in Iran do, for the same reasons. And yes, I understand it will remain a feed reader but the problem is that the feeds will no longer be publicly shareable, which is problematic if people not willing to use their real names can't avail themselves of G+.


Unless you prefix the GReader address with https you have a 50/50 chance of getting onto an encrypted connection.
I agree that Google should allow pseudonyms before outsourcing all social features to G+ and so I'm withholding judgment until I see their implementation, but assuming they will, I don't seen a problem with upgrading Reader.

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